You won’t believe the life expectancy in Andorra

Descubre cuál es la esperanza de vida en Andorra
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Still don’t have enough reasons to move to the Principality bordering Spain and France? We tell you that the life expectancy in Andorra is also a compelling reason to establish your permanent residence here. Andorra is becoming the preferred destination for small and medium-sized companies in the digital and communications sector and for content creators and teleworkers.

83.5 years: life expectancy in Andorra

In terms of quality of life, in a safe environment and an environment with spectacular views, Andorra is the country you need. The small Principality has all the services you need to settle down and have a full life.

The World Health Organization ranks Andorra as one of the countries with the highest life expectancy worldwide. In the international ranking, Andorra occupies the top position, and residents have an average life expectancy of 83.5 years. We should tell you that life expectancy in Andorra at birth is 86.3 years for women and 80.7 years for men.

Factors influencing the high life expectancy in Andorra

Why is life expectancy in Andorra so high? We tell you that according to the experiences of expatriates in Andorra, the Principality is an unbeatable destination. It has police and fire departments that reinforce the security of the country. The Principality is also one of the safest countries in the world. But let’s take a closer look at these factors that make life expectancy in Andorra 83.5 years.

La situación geográfica mejora la calidad de vida en Andorra

Andorran geography and climate

One of the reasons why Andorra is always at the top of the WHO rankings is related to the country’s climate. Its location means that the country has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. In addition, we tell you that the Principality also has quality snow in winter.

But in addition to the geographical situation of the country and the climate, the orography of the territory also has an influence. There is a perfect mix of factors that influence the life expectancy of Andorrans. Andorra is located in a peaceful environment, with a mild climate and a mountainous environment with clean air.

Quiet living environment

Can you imagine living in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and the constant hustle and bustle? You can find this in Andorra. Andorrans live in a very peaceful environment and perfectly harmonious with nature. Andorra has many parks, spaces, and green areas, perfect for relaxation. The country’s urban development has been done without breaking the harmony between the population center and nature.

Low crime rate

Hand in hand with a peaceful environment and environment surrounded by nature, we find the country’s security. These two factors have a considerable influence on life expectancy in Andorra. The crime rate in the Principality is extremely low, and the prison population has only about 50 inmates. This makes Andorra one of the safest countries to live and where it is unlikely to be a victim of crime.

According to the experience of many tourists and residents, there is an air of peace, tranquility, and security in Andorra that cannot be enjoyed in other large cities, such as Barcelona or Toulouse, which are close to the Andorran territory. The feeling of security extends at any time of the day and night in the different parishes of the country. This undoubtedly also reduces stress levels and improves residents’ quality of life.

Habits of the population in Andorra

The high life expectancy in Andorra is directly associated with the population’s habits. All parishes have sports facilities that help to encourage exercise and mountain activities, and let’s not forget the country’s privileged geographical location! The beautiful natural environment invites residents to immerse themselves in different leisure activities in Andorra.

La población practica deportes de nieve y montaña

This is how the population can practice hiking, following the different routes that cross the Andorran territory. But on the other hand, residents can also sign up for snow sports in the ski resorts. All these outdoor activities reduce stress levels while preventing hypertension, vascular problems, and obesity, considerably increasing life expectancy in Andorra.

Public health

Another factor influencing the country’s life expectancy is access to public health care, considered one of the best in the world. Andorra has a very low mortality rate for diseases that can be combated with proper medical care (preventable deaths). Access to quality public health care, with agreements with neighboring Spain and France, multiplies the chances of Andorrans to live longer.

To learn more about social security in Andorra, it is necessary to approach CASS Andorra, the public body managing the country’s social security system.

Food, education, and unemployment

In a single section, we will analyze three key factors for the high life expectancy in Andorra. We start by telling you that the Principality has a very low unemployment rate, while the quality education system allows the population to enjoy sufficient income to cover the cost of living in Andorra, which is around 1,500 euros per month (for one person).

And what do unemployment and education have to do with food? Well, Andorrans can afford to buy quality, locally-produced food. The country’s diet is Mediterranean and mountainous.

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