In Andorra, immigration is highly controlled and regulated by dues. Each year the State publishes the number of people who will be allowed to immigrate to the country under all its forms. It also regulates, the work permits, which sectors and salary classification are allowed, following the demand of the labor market. This allows a very low unemployment rate, close to the work stoppage and ensures a standard of living and very high security.

MCA ASSESSORS has a strong experience in assisting any foreigner wishing to establish his/her residency in Andorra. We not only help you to obtain the Residency Green Card, but we also give you all the necessary advice to complete successfully your expatriation. Bank account opening, finding the best personal insurance for your needs, obtaining the Andorran Driving License, contracting a phone number and internet by optic fiber or electricity contract are some of the services included in our program.

Among the possible forms of immigration, we can frame two types of residence expressly made ​​for foreigners who want to come and take advantage of the many benefits of the country: residents without gainfull employment and self-employed residents.

Residents without gainful employment:


  • Permanence mandatory 90 days a year in the territory (accumulative in free periods).
  • Obligation to own or rent a property.
  • Have private insurance.
  • Demonstrate incomes above 300 % of the minimum wage Andorran + 100% for dependents (minimum wage 2018: € 1.050)
  • Placing a deposit of € 50,000 to AFA (Andorran Financial Authority) + 10,000 € per person in charge. This is returned to leave the country.
  • Investing a total of 400,000 € in the territory (deposit at AFA included in the total).

    – Real Estate
    – Shares or shares of companies
    – State bonds
    – Some financial products or Andorran banks


For athletes with international projection or scientists, the investment of 400,000€ is not required, only the deposit bail at the AFA.

Self-employed residents:


  • Create or buy a company and own more than 20% of it and be an administrator or member of the board of directors.
  • Stay mandatory of 183 days.
  • Obligation to own or rent a property.
  • Payment of the fee to the Social Security of 450€ monthly (with exemptions the first two years).
  • Placing a deposit of € 15,000 to AFA (Andorran Financial Authority). This is returned to leave the country.
residency in Andorra