Houses & Apartments for Rent in Andorra: A Rental Guide

One thing we understand better than anything else is the stress of moving to a new country. It seems there are always hoops to jump through, concessions to make, and a different approach to doing things. There's also the task of finding the perfect place to live. As a new arrival, looking for apartment rentals in Andorra can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. We can help.

Renting an apartment in a country you’re not familiar with is far from a simple task. Yet, finding a place to call home is one of the most important aspects of settling into your new life. We understand that not everyone wants to make a permanent commitment to a new place right off the bat. That’s why renting property in Andorra is such an attractive option.

We've put together a guide to help you navigate the entire process and ultimately rent an apartment here. We’ll break down everything from basic prices and where to rent to the ins and outs of finding the best properties. We’ll also help you to navigate the listing process and understand how Andorran rentals work. Let’s dive right in.

The Renting Process

Much like they have with buying property here, the principality has sought to make the process of finding properties for rent in Andorra as easy as possible. Legally speaking, apartment rentals tend to work in favour of the tenant. Most contracts last around five years in total. In this time, you’re totally protected and ensured strong tenant’s rights.

However, it's important to note that should you decide to pull out of your contract prior to the agreed-upon end date you will need to provide one month’s advance notice for every year remaining on the lease.

What kind of rights do you have as a tenant in Andorra? Firstly, during the period of your contract, the landowner cannot do the following:

  • Sell the property while you’re renting it, and not have the new owners honour your rental contract
  • End the contract without proof of your wrongdoing
  • Leave the property unmaintained and/or in an unlivable condition
  • Increase the rent (unless the annual inflation rate increases)

With that said, there are some requirements you’ll need to meet and guidelines you’ll have to follow prior to signing a contract. Steps you’ll need to take when looking for houses to rent in Andorra include:

Step 1: Make an initial payment of four months' rent:

  • Two months for a security deposit (refundable upon departure)
  • One month for the estate agent
  • One month for the first month's rent in advance

Step 2: Take out (and maintain) real estate insurance to help protect the property you're renting.

Required Documents

In addition to the above, you will also need the following documents to complete the process. Without them your contract will not be valid. This applies regardless of the type of home you are renting (apartment, house, villa, etc.).

  • A certificate from FEDA (the company in charge of Andorra's electricity supply) proving that electricity to the property is under your name. This costs around €100
  • Proof that the rental contract has been registered with the relevant municipality

Applicants seeking to obtain residency in the principality will also require a notarised rental contract translated into Catalan.

Long-Term Real Estate Rentals

Andorra's rental properties cater to individuals who are either already living in the country or intend to establish residency. This is why you'll find that long-term contracts are the standard here.

As mentioned above, these contracts typically span five years (longer than is the norm in many other countries) and offer certain benefits compared to purchasing property.

Tenants enjoy a significant advantage under the government's real estate regulations (provided they do not violate the terms of the contract).

Rental Prices: What to Expect

We get that finding a great property for rent in Andorra often boils down to pricing. After all, a great apartment that is out of your price range isn’t exactly a viable option.

So, what can you expect from Andorran rental prices?

Well, that’s going to depend on a few factors—rental costs will vary depending on the location and the physical condition of the property itself.

That’s not all, rental prices can also vary depending on location-specific and seasonal occurrences, such as the sight and scenery visible from the apartment and even how much sunlight it gets. Here’s an overview of rental apartment prices:

  • 1 bed/1 bath property outside of the city center will cost between €550-800/month
  • Upscale/modern 2 bed/1 bath unfurnished apartments in La Massana or Andorra la Vella cost between €1100-€1600/month
  • Larger homes/chalets/townhouses typically cost between €2000-€4000/month

Keep in mind, this is just a very basic example of what you can expect in terms of pricing. Actual costs will vary depending on location, furnishings and building quality. Access to transport and parking spaces are also considerations.

The weather may also play a role in pricing, as can the time of year in which you rent. Market prices are currently on an upswing, so you may find that prices are high in sought-after locations like Ordino.

Note that when you factor in the cost of living in Andorra along with rental prices and various other pros of living here, you’ll see just how affordable it is—even if you’re on a limited budget.

Young woman looking out at apartments buildings in Andorra la Vella - Apartments for rent in Andorra

Finding the Right Apartment: Where to Look

Obviously, one of the most difficult aspects of moving to any new country is actually finding a place to call home. We get that finding a great apartment can be an exercise in patience. Searching for Andorran real estate rentals is particularly frustrating because you won’t often find active listings online. That’s because real estate agents tend to control most of the market, and they have their own waiting lists.

With that said, how can you find a great apartment? Well, instead of taking to the world wide web, you’ll need to do things the old fashioned way. That means asking around in Andorra and finding properties via the contacts you have. It’s also worth approaching a few real estate agents directly.

In our more modern digital age, we get that this can be a bit different. However, don’t let the more intimate way of finding apartments prevent you from doing so. You can still find some gems online. Below, we’ve rounded up a list of great places to find long-term rentals in Andorra. Most are updated regularly.

Busco Casa

This site is based locally in Andorra and offers updated property rental options and prices. Even though it is a pretty bare-bones website that’s not the easiest to navigate, it will help find you some decent leads in terms of where to look and who to call.


Idealista is a far more modern site in comparison to Busco Casa. It is geared towards a younger crowd and those who expect to see regularly updated photos and prices. Here you’ll get very up-to-date options and prices that reflect current market value.


This is a site that lists properties in Andorra as well as those just across the border in Spain. It's a very user-friendly website that appeals to both the young and the old. Not too dissimilar to Idealista, it also boasts great photos of every property.

The latest up-and-coming website that’s showing a lot of promise— is probably the best connected with the local market. We have to assume that in a few years this will be the most commonly used site for rentals in Andorra.

Our recommendation is to utilise these sites while also connecting with local real estate agents and asking around in the community you want to rent in. Many of the best options aren’t even listed online!

With Andorra being a small country, you’re likely going to find better properties from asking around than you will by searching on a website. This is especially true if you’re trying to save money.

If working directly with a realtor isn’t something you’re keen on, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to help you find the right property.

Final Thoughts on the Andorran Rental Market

Let’s get one thing clear, choosing to rent in Andorra is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want a long-term commitment. Unlike buying property, you have the ability to mobilise and explore more of what each town and city has to offer. Finding the right place may take some patience, but if you’re willing to meet with a realtor or connect with locals, you’re sure to find plenty of options.

If you need a bit more help navigating the tricky world of the Andorran property market or require guidance on finding properties for rent in Andorra, let us help! We’re experts in Andorran real estate. We know that you'll love living in Andorra as much as we do. Contact us today and we’ll set you on the path to finding a great place to feel right at home in!

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