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Even though Andorra is only 468 km2 in size, it offers a multitude of diverse environments in which you can live comfortably. From urban sites to isolated enclaves in the mountains, the principality has it all. Wish to live a stone’s throw away from your favourite skiing destination? Or perhaps a small walk away from the most happening places in town? You can do all of it in this humble micro state that we call home.
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Property Market in Andorra

The property market here is quite niche and unconventional. It’s common to see that prices listed for two properties located not too far from one another can differ quite a bit. This is largely due to the geological orientation of our valleys, the locality, and the quality or age of the construction.


Finding the right house is paramount when you’re relocating to a new country; we understand the initial struggle. Having helped countless families move to Andorra over the years, we’re well equipped to help you navigate through this dynamic market.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Real Estate in Andorra

Buying a house anywhere in the world is a considerably important decision — it’s not something you do everyday. That said, you likely have a fixed list of negotiable and non negotiable requirements. In a top tier country like Canada or USA, you’d probably find what you’re looking for in a matter of days. Here however, things are a bit different.


If you’ve spent any time researching about this subject, chances are that you know how slow the Andorran real estate market is. It can sometimes take months and even years before you find something that lights up your checklist in green.


But don’t worry, we’re here to help, and we know exactly where to look. Here are some of the things you need to consider before investing in Andorran real estate:


Qualifications:  Non-residents need a special permit from the government.

Process: To invest here, you need to follow a standardized process that might differ to what you find in other countries’ markets.

Liquidity, brokerage and taxes: When purchasing a house in Andorra, you’ll pay 4% in taxes, and somewhere around 5% as brokerage.

Accessibility:  When it comes to relocating to a beautiful holiday destination, there’s always a flipside. When it’s off-season, the real challenges come to light. To tackle the accessibility issues during winter, your new house or apartment is going to have to be well equipped.

Relocation Made Easy

We are not a typical agency and we don’t want to be one; our philosophy is to guide our clients through the process of their relocation, right from finding the best properties to completing legal formalities. We work independently for our clients and keep scouring the market for hidden gems that could meet their expectations.


Being one of the few relocation and management companies that are also Officially Licensed on real estate brokerage, we comply with all Andorran regulation in terms of Civil Responsibility Insurance, Anti Money Laundry procedures, training and have full support of the AGIA.


We are registered at the official Real Estate Agents Official Professional Association (AGIA) with the number 407.


You can count on us to smoothly facilitate your relocation process, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Want to know more? Feel free to get in touch, we’re all ears.

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