Real estate

Although the surface of the country is only 468 km2, there are different environments in which to live, from urban sites to isolated enclaves in the mountains. Or you may prefer going to ski by walk from your apartment. The good news? They are all located a few km from each other.

The Andorran real estate market is very particular, prices can differ from places located few km away. Some of the reasons are the orientation of the valleys, the area where they are located or the quality of their construction.

Finding the ideal property is one of the key factors of a relocation success. That’s why we added to our list of services the property hunting.


We are not a classical real estate agency and we don’t want to. Our philosophy is to accompany our clients in all the process of their relocation, which includes the search of the best real estate to rent or to buy.


We work independently and exclusively for our clients and search on the market for the rare pearls that could meet the expectations of our customers.

We are registered at the official Real Estate Agents Official Professional Association (AGIA) with the number 407.


We are one of the few relocation and management companies that are also Officially Licenced on real estate brokerage, complying with all Andorran regulation in terms of Civil Responsibility Insurance, Anti Money Laundry procedures, training and have full support of the AGIA.