Cost of Living in Andorra

The first consideration that many people make before moving to a new country is the cost of living. Before shifting base, you’re going to want to know if you can afford the lifestyle you’re used to and whether the idea of moving is feasible or not.

To figure out the cost of living, you need to take into account the prices for everyday expenses such as groceries, housing, and transportation — at the very least.


Andorra is known to have a very favourable tax system and a lower cost of living in comparison to many European countries. While it’s not cheap, the cost of living in Andorra is certainly affordable.


Below, we’ve outlined the major costs you’ll encounter while living in this small yet scenic country.

Housing in Andorra

Needless to say, shelter is one of the most basic human necessities. With that in mind, you’re going to need a semi-permanent living arrangement if you plan on staying in Andorra long term — unless you can afford to live in a hotel indefinitely. Housing prices can vary greatly, depending on where in Andorra you plan on settling down. If you want to become a longtime resident, you’ll have to make the choice to either rent or buy.

Property Rental Costs

Just like most places in the world, the property rental market in Andorra has its own quirks and features. Prices vary depending on the location, the number of baths, bedrooms, and benefits such as parking. Generally, you’ll find that apartment rental costs range between €500 and €1,500 per month. Most of the time the number will fall somewhere between the two extremes.

Here’s an overview of apartment rental costs in Andorra:

1 bed/1 bath studio apartment outside the city center will cost between €400-550/month

A quality 2bed/1bath unfurnished apartment in La Massana costs between €650-€800/month

Real Estate Purchase Costs

If you’re looking to put down your roots in Andorra, or if your life situation demands a long-term stay, buying a house or an apartment might make more sense than renting. Real estate prices here, much like in any country, are going to vary based on property specifications and more importantly, the location. Generally, if you want to buy a modern two-bedroom apartment, expect to pay between €250,000 and €400,000.

To make calculations simpler, here’s a list of Andorran property costs per square metre:

Apartments: €3468 per square metre

Townhouses and Chalets: €3,922 per square metre

Land: €800 per square metre

Obviously, depending on the location the price can be higher or lower. Pricing will also depend on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, amenities like parking or extra storage may also up the price. Always consult with our frequently updated property guides when looking to buy or rent.

Food and Restaurants

Food, groceries, and eating out are among the most underestimated expenses — seemingly small numbers can add up quickly and turn into an expensive affair if not monitored regularly. Your eating habits and your overall budget will dictate your overall expenditure on food.

Whether you’re a fan of eating out or whipping up something in the kitchen, will prices allow you to flourish? Let’s take a look at the cost of food and restaurants in Andorra.


Given Andorra’s size, it is worth mentioning that you won’t find much in the way of locally produced food. A lot of Andorra’s produce is imported directly from its neighbouring countries of Spain and France to bridge this gap.

Even then, the prices are not too exorbitant and you’ll instead notice competitive pricing at the grocery store. As they do in any country — prices will fluctuate, but here’s a general idea of what you can typically expect at the Andorran supermarkets:

Chicken breasts: €9.00/kg

Rice: €1.25/kg

Milk: €1.00/litre

Apples: €2.00/kg

Pasta: €1.00/kg

Domestic beer: €1.00 per half litre bottle

Local cheese: €7.00/lb

Bread: €1.00/loaf

Dining Out

Since Andorra is located smack in the middle of Spain and France, its unconventional location certainly influences the many cuisines available here. From vibrant flavours to tantalizing aromas, restaurants in Andorra are brimming with recipes unheard of and ones familiar too.

So let’s say you want to step out for a nice meal. How much can you expect to pay in Andorra? Generally, the average restaurant and cafe in Andorra la Vella (the capital) will charge around €15 per person for a scrumptious full-sized meal. Typically this will include two dishes and a dessert, as well as one drink.

For a fancier or more upscale eating establishment, you can expect to pay slightly more. In most instances, this could be anywhere between €25 to €50 per person. Sounds like a bit but rest assured you’ll be getting a gourmet meal made with the highest quality ingredients. Think top chefs and cooks whipping up artistic fare that you won’t find anywhere else.


A big part of any monthly budget goes to utilities which tend to be quite affordable and accessible in Andorra. This is one of the contributing factors as to why the cost of living in Andorra is far lower than most countries in Europe. Here’s what you can expect to pay for most standard utilities in Andorra.

Standard utility costs:

Community charges for cleaning, maintenance, etc: €800/year

Internet service (up to 300MBPS): €39/month

Electricity: €80/month

Transportation Costs in Andorra

With so much to explore, and so many activities to partake in, getting around the principality is the next thing you’ll want to figure out. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in one place for too long, especially when you can be out exploring.

Luckily for you, transportation in Andorra is far more reasonable than what’s seen in countless other countries. Since Andorra is not very big in size, getting from one destination to another won’t eat into much of your time either.

Typical transportation costs are:

Car and vehicle fees: €150/year

Car insurance: €350/year

Gasoline: €1.20/litre

Diesel fuel: €1.05/litre

Bus fare: €70.00/month (this can be higher or lower depending on your location, age, and usage)


Despite its small size and low population, the principality is home to a great education system. In fact, Andorra is internationally renowned for providing an excellent education that is free for all residents and citizens. Many schools even teach as many as four languages!

Public schools are free to all residents and citizens — you’ll never have to worry about tuition fees unless you choose private education over public schooling. Even so, private education is more affordable than in many other countries. Especially when you compare costs to those of larger European nations with similar education standards.

Private education costs are as follows:

Private international school: Between €7,500 and €12,500/year

Summer school programs: €875/month (day) or €1975/month (room and board)

Leisure & Entertainment

With its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking mountain views, Andorra brings with it an air of ease and relaxation that’s hard to escape from. If you’re on the search for leisurely activities or simply a night of fun and drinks, you won’t be disappointed with all that Andorra has to offer.

From après ski resorts to hitting your local bar for a round of delicious brews, the list is endless. But how much will a little fun and entertainment cost you? Let’s find out below:

Ski season passes for residents: around €170/season

Gym membership: €50/month

Local wine: €4- €10 a bottle

Coffee (Latte): €1.25

Cigarettes: €3.50/ per 20

Movie ticket: €8 per ticket

Obviously, prices will vary based on the location and type of bar or restaurant in question. For example, a finer bar or establishment is going to charge more for a glass of wine than a local shop.

Overall Cost of Living in Andorra

How does the Andorra cost of living stack up against their European counterparts? Quite well, actually. Most people find prices in Andorra are between 10% and 25% lower than most European countries. This is because of low sales taxes, tariffs, and corporate taxes.


Despite a fair cost of living, Andorra still manages to retain a diverse economy and favourable taxation system. The principality also boasts a very controlled inflation rate and a sufficient average salary — €2,119.91 per month. More than enough to lead a perfectly normal and comfortable life.

Ready to Make the Move?

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