As said before, since 2012, a foreigner can own 100% of the shares of an Andorran Company. There is no need of an Andorran partner and no limitations on capital ownership. This allows any person or entity to establish a business in Andorra for any purpose. Except some sectors that are regulated such as Bank, Insurances, Liberal Professions, there is no limit on the activities a company can have on the Articles of Association.

MCA ASSESSORS has been helping foreigners to open and manage their businesses in Andorra since the approval of the foreign investment law. We have a strong experience in different sectors such as retail, e-commerce, real estate, services, health, food, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, holding companies, and many more.

In order to help our customers to comply with all the requirements and focus on the success of their project, we advise and manage all the steps to incorporate successfully a company in the Principality, from name registration, bank account opening, notary incorporation, all public registrations, etc. To ensure a long term relationship with our clients, we also do accounting, payrolls and all kind of financial reports.

There are 2 types of companies which principal difference is the share capital that must be issued and the amount of the annual register tax.

Societat Limitada (SL) or Societat Limitada Unipersonal (SLU):

  • Minimum capital share: 3.000 €
  • Shares are called “Participacions”
  • Can be sole-owned, in this case the U as Unipersonal must be added on the name.
  • Incorporation Tax: 1.016,67€
  • Annual registry Tax: 851,00€

Societat Anónima (SA) or Societat Anònima Unipersonal (SAU):

  • Minimum capital share: 60.000 €
  • Shares are called “Accions”
  • Can be sole-owned, in this case the U as Unipersonal must be added on the name.
  • Incorporation Tax: 1.480,54€
  • Annual registry Tax: 935,50€

It’s important to mention that an incorporated company registered at the Companies Registrar cannot have any commercial activity without registering also at the Registry of Commerce which requirements can change depending on the town you’ll be located, those who are common are to own or rent an office, apartment or house (that can be the residence of the owner), to have a certified electrical installation and a fire extinguisher.


MCA ASSESSORS won’t let you down in all these procedures.