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Descubre cómo son los servicios públicos en Andorra
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Before settling in Andorra, it is a good idea to know the public services of the Principality. These services are available to all Andorran residents and are free of charge. We invite you to learn more about the public services in Andorra, which will make your life in the Principality easier.

Government services in Andorra

The infrastructure and public services for companies in Andorra are extensive and complete. It is not for nothing that the Principality is becoming one of the favorite countries for small and large companies; it is also the ideal place for those who want to live a peaceful retirement in an unbeatable environment. Due to its proximity to Spain and France, Andorra is a country that offers everything residents need, as well as breathtaking views.

Whether starting your own business or telecommuting in the Principality, you must be up to date with public services in Andorra.

Police and firefighters: the security of the Principality

In Andorra, which covers an area of 468 square kilometers, different nationalities coexist. This situation, as well as its geography and demography, make the small Principality one of the safest countries in the world, with a low incidence of crime. But this security is not only a question of Andorra’s situation but also of one of the Principality’s public services: the police forces and fire departments.

Police and firefighters contribute to making Andorra a very safe country

Andorra has a police force with more than 300 agents, as well as a fire department that is distributed throughout four parishes. In addition, it has a team of unique bodies responsible for ensuring residents’ safety. The public police service was established in 1931, while the fire department was established in the 1960s.

To contact the police, it is necessary to call 110 in case of emergency, and if you need to call the fire department, the number is 118. For mountain emergencies, then call 112.

Andorran healthcare

One of the most interesting public services in Andorra is public health care. The country’s public-private healthcare system operates through a public health system. This system is characterized by different regulated agreements and financing subsidized by social security through co-payments.

The Principality’s health system is so competent and efficient that it is said to be one of the best in the world. In case of not having a specialist doctor in the Principality or if specific treatments and tests are needed, the health system refers the beneficiaries to Spain and France. For all matters related to social security registrations, it is necessary to go to CASS Andorra.

Public transportation in Andorra

A significant point when it comes to settling anywhere is related to transportation. How do we get around the Principality? If you go by car, you can find a network of paid parking lots throughout the Andorran geography; in case of free parking, you will have to move away and leave the car in the less busy streets.

To avoid problems, we tell you that the public transport network is quite good and allows you to move comfortably through the parishes. There are seven different bus lines:

  • é o Express Bus: Escaldes-Engordany / Sant Julià de Lòria / Escaldes-Engordany.
  • L1: Escaldes-Engordany / Sant Julià de Lòria / Escaldes-Engordany.
  • L2: Encamp / Andorra la Vella / Encamp.
  • LC o Circular: Escaldes – Engordany – Andorra la Vella.
  • L4 B: Paso de la Casa / Andorra la Vella / Paso de la Casa.
  • L5: Arinsal / Andorra la Vella / Arinsal.
  • L6: Ordino / Andorra la Vella / Ordino.
  • Night bus.

The Principality has different types of passes for the use of public transport. One is the Abono Gratuito, 100% subsidized by the Andorran government. This pass offers free and unlimited travel on regular lines. To benefit from this pass, having legal, effective, and permanent residence in the Principality is necessary. It is one of the most complete public services in Andorra!

What are the public services in Andorra?

Public services in Andorra: telecommunications

If you are going to telework in the Principality or have a company but do not want to be all the time in the office, we tell you that Andorra has several free WiFi points. In Andorra, several WiFi hotspots are distributed in shopping centers, libraries, tourist offices, and even in ski resorts. There are almost 40 connection points free, allowing you to be connected at high speed at all times.

In addition, it is also possible to access Andorra WiFi, a public communications network that allows Internet connection. This network extends from Meritxell Avenue (Andorra la Vella) to Vivand pedestrian street in Escaldes-Engordany. This network is payable and can be contacted at the Andorra Telecom office.

And if you need to send something to another country, we tell you that the Principality also has an excellent postal service. Andorra is one of the few countries with a postal service of two nationalities. The Andorran postal service allows the sending and receiving parcels, correspondence, and all kinds of mail.

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