Accounting in Andorra

Andorra's tax-friendly legislation has attracted an increasing number of businesses each year. However, many of these companies are unable to fully capitalise on its benefits due to a lack of knowledge and expertise in navigating Andorran tax law. That's where MCA Assessors comes in—we offer accounting services in Andorra that not only save you time and money, but also ensure compliance with tax regulations. If you’re in need of Andorran accounting and tax experts, keep reading.
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Is Bookkeeping Mandatory in Andorra?

It all depends on the company formation. According to Andorran law, businesses have to keep financial records and file for taxes when: 

They are incorporated as a “Societat Anonima” (SA) or a “Societat Anonima Unipersonal” (SAU)—similar to a Public Limited Company. 

They are incorporated as a “Societat Limitada” (SL) or a “Societat Limitada Unipersonal” (SLU)—similar to Limited Liability Companies or Single-Member Companies.

Businesses that do not meet these criteria are not obligated to file taxes. As a result, they often overlook the benefits of Accounting in Andorra services, without realizing their usefulness.

Accounting in Andorra: Unseen Benefits

Accounting in Andorra services can be so much more than just complying with tax obligations—business owners should view them as an investment. They allow you to get a clear cut view of your company’s financial situation, identify trends and make both short and long-term predictions. 

Well kept books can expose inefficiencies, reveal hidden costs and grant owners greater knowledge to make informed decisions. In fact, proper accounting usually leads to saving money in the long run.

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Can I Keep My Own Books?

While technically possible, we strongly suggest against keeping your own books. Tax rates in Andorra are lower than other countries in the region. However, our tax system is not simple.  This is why ledgers, books and tax forms have to be approved by an accountant.

Rather than spending your own time bookkeeping and navigating a new tax system—one that is likely in a foreign language—outsource the hassle to qualified, experienced professionals. Our team can handle your accounting in Andorra so that you can focus your time and efforts on managing and growing your business.

What Happens if I File Taxes Incorrectly?

Andorra takes its taxation quite seriously. As such, improper filing could lead to grave consequences. At best, your mistake means wasting time and money. At worst, you could find yourself in legal troubles.

Save Yourself Time, Money and Trouble With MCA Assessors

Hiring an accountant in Andorra allows you to take full advantage of our country’s low taxation, without wasting your time, money or energy on becoming familiar with an intricate tax system. MCA Assessors can take care of all your accounting needs so that you can focus on what really matters, your business.

Feel free to get in touch with us for more information. We can also tell you how to obtain residency in Andorra. After all, if you're doing business here, why not live here too?

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