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Managing and advising on Andorran companies, taxation, residency and real estate
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MCA provides advisory services, management and consulting around the main theme “Andorra and all its advantages.” We are specialized in managing and advising on Andorran business and residencies regulations, taxation, relations with public administration and accounting.

We plan everything from the beginning the arrival of companies, investors and residents and execute until the end all the legal steps and administrative procedures.

Living in Andorra

Characterized by a strong financial system, public safety, unparalleled privacy, and low taxation, Andorra is recognized as a unique natural environment. Its citizens, who benefit from all this great country has to offer, are right up there among the top countries with the highest life expectancy (84.2 years according to the WHO).

It is no wonder that many foreigners want to call Andorra home. A very safe country, with stringent immigration control and an entry fee system, means that petty, organised, and major crime is virtually non-existent. Social benefits are also very controlled and


MCA ASSESSORS has strong experience in assisting foreigners who wish to establish tax residency in Andorra. We not only help you to obtain the correct Andorra residence permit and residency green card, but we also give you all the necessary advice to successfully complete your expatriation.


Our team at MCA Assessors has consistently been helping foreigners to open and manage their businesses in Andorra since the approval of the foreign investment law. Our expertise lies in different business domains such as retail, e-commerce, real estate, services, health, food, technology, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and holding companies to name a few.


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, businessman, rentier or athlete, MCA ASSESSORS will help you to plan the best structure to optimize your personal or/and company taxation. Our team is equipped with an in-depth knowledge of Andorran tax regulation and signed international treaties.


Every year, more and more businesses flock to Andorra on account of its tax-friendly legislation. However, most of them fail to make the most out of it, because they lack the knowledge and expertise required to navigate Andorran tax law. MCA Assessors can provide you with accounting services in Andorra that will save you time, money and ensure everything is done according to Andorran tax regulation.

Real Estate

Even though Andorra is only 468 km2 in size, it offers a multitude of diverse
environments in which you can live comfortably. From urban sites to isolated enclaves in the mountains, the principality has it all. Wish to live a stone’s throw away from your favorite skiing destination? Or perhaps a small walk away from the most happening places in town? You can do all of it in this humble micro state that we call home.


When choosing a place to relocate to, banking might not be the very first on your list of priorities. Without it, however, life in your new home country is going to be inconvenient. It goes without saying that understanding Andorra’s banking system
before moving here is vital.

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